Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce honors Person of the Year


Glenore Anderson, vice president and regional manager at Dime Community Bank, was honored as the Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Businessperson of the Year.  Anderson was awarded among dozens of finalists from each Chamber of Commerce in Nassau County for the 36th annual ceremony at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Jericho.

Anderson combines her strong business acumen forged from 29 years of banking experience with her people skills and passionate service to the community. The result is that of a trusted community leader and go-to financial business specialist. As the branch manager at the Dime Bank in Valley Stream, Glenore’s focus is working with small, mid-sized and large businesses to meet their banking needs—whether that is guiding them to the right accounts, helping write a business plan, ensuring the appropriate and specific financial services needed, or meeting lending requirements to help established businesses grow and expand. 

“It’s different businesses, different phases, different needs…I wear many hats at many times,” Anderson said, her voice gentle and resonating with delight. “It comes with the job.”

Anderson also manages a seven-member team to oversee the day-to-day operations of her branch location. Before she reached this point in her career, Anderson first began at the base of the mountain as an entry-level bank teller. She worked at various capacities across the banking industry for household names like HBSC Bank USA, Sterling National Bank and TD Bank before coming to Dime, accruing many business and interpersonal skills along the way and fostering lasting business relationships.

“When a customer walks up to me, it’s not what I could sell that customer. My goal at that point in time is to sit and listen. They need to tell me what they need and based on what they tell me, I know how to address their concerns,” Anderson said.

She further said, “If I can assist them in that way and bring them value in that way, I have someone who will bank with me year over year.”

When Covd-19 threatened to sap away the financial life of many businesses in Valley Stream, Anderson and her team stepped up and counseled business owners on the financial programs offered by her bank such as the Paycheck Protection Program to help keep businesses afloat.

During her career, the energy and exuberance that she has applied to her work is found as much within the walls of banking as outside. Anderson and her team have long had a keen eye toward serving clients year-round, lending her support at community events and fundraisers and making her presence known to the community. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors, she is tasked with welcoming all new businesses to Valley Stream, offering to help them with any financial and banking questions. And as the organizations acting treasurer, she reconciles all the payments and deposits as well as helps plan future fundraisers.

Anderson herself broadcasts a warm, direct, polished persona, a demeanor that is nothing short of a business pro, yet also one of sincerity and care. And that, Anderson said, is the secret to her success: her ardent love for people.  “My being in banking, my basic philosophy is to treat people how I want to be treated, and it all doesn’t equate down to dollars and cents,” Anderson said. “…It’s not about immediately getting an award from what you’re doing but just doing the right thing to help others, and in turn it comes back to you tenfold.”


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