Village thanks the brains behind its classic car show


If you've ever wondered how Valley Stream’s summer classic car show got its start, look no further than Dennis Verriello. After the Village of Lynbrook announced that it would no longer be holding a car show in 2018 because it needed the parking space to make way for a new movie theater, car enthusiasts found themselves without a spot to showcase their rides during the summer.

That’s when Valley Streamer Dennis Verriello pitched his idea to Mayor Ed Fare to take the car show to Valley Stream. And Fare gave the green light with the first show held at Parking Field 12, behind Rockaway Avenue. Since then, the show’s popularity has taken off so much so that most of the main street is roped off to contain the line-up of classic cars.

“It’s been a tremendous success and the people are very thankful to have it, and we look forward to doing it for many years to come,” said Verriello. To show their gratitude, Mayor Fare presented a citation on behalf of the village to Verriello at their regular trustee meeting on Sept. 26.