How to vote for school budgets in Wantagh and Seaford


It's Long Island's own Super Tuesday. If you live in Wantagh and Seaford, here is everything you need to know about voting for school budgets.

Wantagh: If you live in the Wantagh School District, you are voting yes or no for a proposed budget of $89.5 million, and the re-election of uncontested incumbent trustees Adam Fisher and Tara Cassidy for the Board of Education. You can vote at:

  • Wantagh Elementary School, 1765 Beech Street
  • Forest Lake Elementary School, 3100 Beltagh Avenue
  • Mandalay Elementary School, 2667 Bayview Avenue

Polls will close for Wantagh Schools at 9 p.m.

Seaford: If you live in the Seaford School District, you are voting for a proposed budget of $80.5 million and for the election of uncontested Board of Education candidates Trisha Matthews and Jimmy Chwe. You can vote at:

  • Seaford Manor Elementary School, 1590 Washington Avenue
  • Seaford Harbor School, 3500 Bayview Street

Polls will close for Seaford Schools at 9 p.m.

Levittown: Wantagh and Seaford residents north of Jerusalem Avenue are zoned for Levittown Schools, and thus, will be voting on that budget. If you live in the Levittown School District, you are voting for a proposed budget of $251.8 million. You can vote at:

  • Gardiner's Avenue Elementary School, 610 Gardiner's Avenue
  • Divison Avenue High School, 120 Division Avenue
  • Levittown Memorial Education Center, 150 Abbey Lane
  • East Broadway Elementary School, 751 Seaman's Neck Road

Polls will close for Levittown Schools at 8 p.m.