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Seaford Manor honors 100 days of school


Students in Kindergarten at Seaford Manor Elementary School experienced their first 100 days of school like no group before them and celebrated the milestone moment on Feb. 24. 

Students could either dress up as if they were 100 years old or wear fun 100 days shirts. Instead of a traditional parade through the school, students walked through the kindergarten hallway to the “100 days flew by” banner. The new parade was recorded and shared on the school website.

Back in the classrooms, kindergartners enjoyed various themed activities. Students flipped a coin 100 times and recorded their totals of heads and tails. They created sticker pages by placing stickers in groups of 10, which helped with both their counting and fine motor skills. For a writing activity, they shared how they would spend $100.

Keeping a traditional 100th day activity alive, students made posters with 100 objects, which were hung in the kindergarten hallway. Camden LeDour’s poster, “I survived 100 days of school” had 100 bandages, Adriano Randazzo’s had pictures of 100 things he likes and Harper Garcia’s had 100 heart stickers in a “candy heart” machine.