Seaford, Wantagh officials urge Cuomo to resign following probe


Local officials have called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after New York Attorney General Letitia James this week announced that independent investigators have found evidence that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. 

The probe was carried out for five months by investigators Joon Kim and Anne Clark. They concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, including current and former state employees, with unwanted groping, kissing and hugging, and by making inappropriate comments.

Senator John Brooks, of Seaford, urged Cuomo to resign on Tuesday. 

"Previously I had called on the Governor to step aside while the inquiry took its course and with the release of today's report, it is plainly evident that Andrew Cuomo has both broken the law and violated the public trust," Brooks, who represents the 8th Senate District, said. 

"By committing these acts of sexual harassment and focused retaliations, he has damaged the office he holds and no longer retains the right to keep it," Brooks added.

Assemblyman David McDonough, a Republican who represents the 14th District, said he "wasn't surprised at all" by the report. 

"I'm totally for him to step down now," McDonough said Wednesday. "He's done — but he should do it now." 

Legislator Steve Rhoads of District 19 said the investigation "has revealed repetitive conduct from the Governor that is shocking, disgraceful, and ... unacceptable from anyone, much less a person occupying the highest office in the state." 

"If the Governor doesn't step down of his own accord, then the State Legislature should initiate impeachment hearings," Rhoads, a Wantagh native, said. 

Those articles of impeachment are already being drafted, McDonough said, and a vote for which could come about as quickly as next week in the Assembly. 

Cuomo's resignation "would be better for New York State," Assemblyman John Mikulin of District 17 said Wednesday. 

"I found it very disturbing," Mikulin said of the report. "I think we've come to the point where everyone has lost faith in his ability to govern. Everything needs to continue. I'm praying for everyone in this situation." 

Mikulin, who urged Cuomo to resign back in March when the news first broke about the alleged sexual harassment incidents, called the Governor's actions "completely and utterly despicable." 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the governor remained in his role. It's unclear at this time if he will resign. 

This is an evolving story. It will be updated as additional information becomes available.