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Glen Cove residents look back on summer memories as fall begins


With the Autumn Equinox kick-starting the fall season on Sept. 22, the days of summer are now over, and many Glen Cove residents are pleasantly looking back on their summer memories. And despite the pandemic, residents were still able to experience those moments that they will always remember.

“I have an extroverted daughter who has really struggled this summer so we had to think outside of the box to make our summer memories,” Glen Cove resident Tammy Saunders Lanham said.

This is the Lanham’s second summer in Glen Cove, being that her husband Rev. Tommy Lanham, who is the pastor at Glen Cove Christian Church, moved his family from Kentucky to Glen Cove during the summer of 2019.

They passed their summer days by taking a trip to Virginia Beach for a mini family vacation and recording services for the church from the Lanham’s basement, living room, and even the backseat of the family van in front of the local Starbucks to use the internet service when power was lost due to Tropical Storm Isaias, among many other day trips and summer activities.

Kim Tognelli Heavey, another Glen Cove resident, said that over the summer she’s enjoyed meeting new friends and connecting with old friends through the Wine Fairies of Glen Cove, Glen Head, Sea Cliff, Glen Wood Landing and Locust Valley Facebook group, where women of the North Shore exchange addresses and drop off gifts to each other.

“I see positive and support I do not see outside of this,” Heavey said. “I find comfort. I tend to trust too much but here I feel as if everyone has your back and the fairies are real. The acts of kindness have just blown my mind and given me inspiration.”

While the group came to fruition in spring, over the summer the members have grown closer and have even held a school supplies drive for the local children, an event that gave many of the women, and James Pascucci, the only male member of the group, a chance to meet each other.

Pam Giorgi, Pascucci’s sister, said that just because the summer is over does not mean this group is. “What an amazing group of women,” Giorgi said.