State launches public hearings on site of offshore wind farm

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority launched a series of public meetings at the Long Beach Public Library on July 11 as part of an outreach effort as the state moves forward …

Beating a dead sprinkler

The sprinkler system at Hofstra University’s David S. Mack Arena that malfunctioned during South Side High School’s graduation ceremony on June 23 was inspected the morning of the commencement, …

Oceanside resident, doctor arrested in connection to health care fraud scheme

An Oceanside resident was one of 412 people arrested as part of a nationwide crackdown on health care fraud spearheaded by the United States Department of Justice. Combined, the fraud schemes …

Freeport woman pleads guilty for hundreds of identity thefts

The Freeport woman, Seerojnie Ram, (Seerojnie Mohan), 49, who stole the identities of hundreds of people across 31 states pled guilty on Thursday before Judge Robert Bogle to a felony scheme to …

Police: Long Beach man charged with assault, drug possession in Island Park

After seeing what appeared to be a drug transaction in Island Park, Nassau County police arrested Darius Nellums, 49, of Long Beach on July 5 at 7:25 p.m. He was arrested and charged with assault, …

Nassau County Democratic candidates at Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library

Nassau County Democratic Committee nominees Laura Curran for county executive and Jack Schnirman for county comptroller will speak at the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library on July 6 at 6:30 p.m.


Once again, Albany fails to address corruption

The question is often asked of middle-school students in social studies classes: How does a bill become a law? Well, in New York, in too many cases, it doesn’t.

Mark your calendar

Scott Brinton

Let’s legalize illegal apartments

You could say that Long Island’s housing crisis — and, yes, there is a housing crisis — is a product of its success. In 1948, when the Manhasset-based Levitt & Sons built 6,000 homes . . .

Randi Kreiss

Raising puppies, from Pinky Lee to Lilly Bee

I know some folks don’t get the whole dog thing, but I don’t get folks who don’t get it. And I feel sorry that they’ve missed the chance to love a being outside their own species.