The charming history of Malverne Mel

In most places, January marks the beginning of several long winter months. In Malverne, however, it’s the prep period for a signature village event: Groundhog Day with Malverne Mel.

Carcinogens in the water

Last week, state Sen. Todd Kaminsky filed legislation requiring the commissioner of the New York State Department of Health to study and regulate 1,4-dioxane, a chemical likely to be carcinogenic, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Last year, the EPA released a report, citing dioxane was found in many water supply systems on Long Island.


The call for a different "resistance"

After witnessing the Women’s March in Washington, I’ve decided to start a new resistance.

Malverne Mel proclaims an early spring

Nearly 300 people gathered at Reese Park in Malverne on Groundhog Day to await their meteorological fate: would Malverne Mel predict an early spring?

Snowstorm slams Malverne and West Hempstead

Because of a major snowstorm, the Malverne and West Hempstead school districts, as well as Our Lady of Lourdes, Grace Lutheran and St. Thomas the Apostle schools, all canceled classes and activities on Thursday.