Invasive species plant pull at Wantagh Mill Pond

Hundreds of pounds of a harmful aquatic plant have been removed from Wantagh's Mill Pond for the first time.

Search for missing 10-year-old boy in Long Beach calls on local help

Members of the Wantagh Fire Department are active in the search for an 8-year-old boy who went missing while swimming in Long Beach.

Nassau County to halt mailing of assessments

A decision by Nassau County to stop mailing annual tentative assessment notices to residents, to remind them of the deadline to grieve their taxes, has spurred complaints by town and county officials …

Local ponzi scheme unraveled

Seaford and Massapequa residents are among the victims of a $5 million Ponzi scheme allegedly perpetrated by a Syosset-based financial advisor.

Mandalay Elementary School holds a White House Tea party

Mandalay Elementary School students were on the guest list for a historic White House Tea party.

Randi Kreiss

Nipping sexism in the bud, all over again

Does the latest sexist outrage mean we have to start burning our bras again?

Scott Brinton

Nutrition 101, or how to save the planet

In my two and a half decades of writing on the environment and pondering solutions to the pressing sustainability issues that our planet — and civilization — face, I never imagined that the answer to reversing our destructive course might lie in nutrition education.