Fewer students will be bused

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Dr. James Mapes, the district’s superintendent, said he was relieved that the referendum passed and mentioned that the programs earmarked for restoration included some that make Baldwin an attractive district. “I am happy the referendum passed because we are able to save the important art and music program and extracurricular activities that make Baldwin such a special place,” Mapes said. Asked if the result of the referendum boded well for the fate of the 2013-14 budget proposal — which contains a 7 percent tax levy increase and will require the approval of a supermajority of at least 60 percent of voters — Mapes said, “The transportation referendum vote reflects the community’s understanding of the serious financial issues that Baldwin, as well as other school districts, are facing. It further indicates the will of the community to maintain the fine educational system in Baldwin, even as we see continuing deficiencies in state financial support.”

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