Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

May 30-June 5, 2013


Firearm registry is a problem

To the Editor:

Christmas came early for the criminal element in New York. Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “progressive” gun control legislation, New York state’s firearm registry became public recently.

I’m certain that every criminal in New York is busy compiling a shopping list, as they will now know exactly what firearms are available by type and model, who owns them and the address at which they can be found. What a time saver!

A hearty “well done” to Governor Cuomo, the New York State Legislature and the misguided gun control advocates. You have ensured job security for our law enforcement personnel investigating the burglaries and firearm thefts that will no doubt increase exponentially.

Of course, the job of locating these stolen firearms will be made easier, as the legislation requires that the criminals must, in turn, register the firearms that they stole.

To answer to the question, “What’s wrong with a firearms registry?” here’s your answer. Interstate transport and illegal gun purchases will come to an end. Why bother when you can simply consult a list, break into your neighbor’s house and steal one?

Joe Howard

Rockville Centre