Mangano updates county in aftermath of Sandy

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According to Victor Politi, the deputy county executive for public safety, there are currently 788 people in the county’s nine shelters. The county is also housing 44 people in its special needs shelter (for people with serious medical conditions) and 30 people and animals at its animal shelter at Mitchell Field.. Not one issue has yet been reported at any of the shelters, he said, and they will remain open for as long as they are needed.

Some of the hardest-hit areas of Nassau County were Long Beach and Island Park. Mangano said there is no drinkable water left in the City of Long Beach.

“In the City of Long Beach, you cannot drink the water, you cannot brush your teeth with the water, you cannot shower with the water, nor can you boil it to purify it,” Mangano said. “You must seek bottled water, which we’re working with the officials down there to deliver.”

There is also no working sewer system in Long Beach. Mangano urged residents of the city to evacuate to the homes of friends or family.

“We understand that many of them don’t have power, but if they have drinkable water and an operating sanitary system and you’re in Long Beach, you’d still be better off coming out of Long Beach and relocating to a place that has more of those comforts available,” he said.

The City of Long Beach estimated that, out of its 35,000 residents, 15,000 to 20,000 stayed in the city. “So it’s very, very concerning when you have that amount of people with limited or no water or sanitary ability,” said Mangano.

The roads in and out of Long Beach are only open to emergency personnel and residents looking to evacuate or return to their homes, Mangano said. Long Beach Medical Center is shut down, but all other hospitals in Nassau County are open.

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