Mangano updates county in aftermath of Sandy

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Mangano said that, while moving through Island Park and Long Beach last night and this morning, the damage was extensive. “Walking from the boardwalk back to the center of town, there are literally hundreds of disabled vehicles floated into the main streets,” Mangano said. “Dozens and dozens of boats were scattered in Island Park and down into Long Beach. Traffic lights were down and blocking roadways. Significant debris, significant damage to storefronts in the Island Park area with the glass storefronts.”

Though there have not yet been any reported cases of looting, Mangano said that the county is on the lookout for it, especially with all the broken storefronts.

“We have dispersed additional public safety resources,” Mangano said. “We are patrolling with marked, unmarked and electronic surveillance and also the National Guard. Anyone caught looting or attempting to loot will be dealt with very harshly.”

Those who are looking for friends and family members that evacuated to a county shelter should call the county’s non-emergency hotline at 1-888-684-4274. County personnel at the shelters will find who you’re looking for and report back to you. Mangano stressed that calls to 911 should only be made for life-saving incidences. All other calls should go to the county’s non-emergency hotline. Any power outages or downed electrical wires should be reported to LIPA by calling 1-800-490-0075. Residents should never go near a downed wire.

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