Rapid care when you really need it


Rapid Response Medical Care
600 Franklin Ave., Franklin Square
(516) 872-6337, www.rapidresponsecare.com

At some point, most of us have awakened with a fever, experienced an allergy attack, sprained a muscle or fractured a bone. A call to one’s primary care physician might get you an appointment in a few days, if you’re lucky. A trip to an emergency room, where you’ll probably wait many hours isn’t a great choice unless it’s a life-threatening situation. Rapid Response, a new state-of-the-art urgent care facility, bridges this gap and provides quick and effective medical care, seven days a week, with evening hours every weekday.

Chief Medical Director, Joshua Falk is a Board Certified internist who has been based in a Long Island hospital for the past seven years. He trained in New York and his roots are local. Joining him at Rapid Response is another physician, a medical assistant, an x-ray technician, a radiologist and a receptionist.

Everything is high tech and paperless; medical records are all computerized. They have digital x-rays, and patients can view blood test results within 24 hours on their website through a private and secured patient portal. Copies of X-rays can be burned to a disc, so the patient can take it to their own physician or specialist. The facility houses six examination rooms and two for procedures, such as suturing, tending to broken bones, or nebulizer treatments. There are waiting areas, including a main lounge. Younger patients can play in the kid’s corner within view of their parents. Mature patients can relax in a separate lounge.

Rapid Response’s “Back to Work” program promises local businesses that that their employees will be seen and treated rapidly, so they can quickly return to work. Also offered are pre-employment physicals, treatment of on-the-job injuries, return to work physicals, hearing and vision screening and travel vaccinations. Local surgical physicians can rest assured that patients can get pre-ops testing, often the same or next day, if their own physicians cannot fit them in on time.

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