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East Rockaway schools severely affected by storm

District officials present 'moving forward' plans


The East Rockaway School District buildings have all been effected by hurricane Sandy, according to school officials.

Rhame Avenue Elemenatary and the Sr./Jr. High School have both suffered extensive flood damage. Centre Avenue had some minor wind damage and loss of power. It will be able to be utilized once power is returned.

Rhame Avenue has sustained first floor flooding and the loss of it’s boilers. The restoration company has already begun working on the building, drying it out, removing rugs and cleaning of debris and classrooms. Teachers effected by the flooding have come in to list loss of inventory.  

Since Rhame avenue is a relatively new building, there was no asbestos used in it’s construction, therefore, replacement of the gym floor and classroom tile floors (if needed) can begin right away.

Temporary boilers will hopefully be in place by the end of this week and the second floor of the building, which is undamaged, will be utilized until the entire building is available for use. It’s anticipated that these repairs will take much less time than the high school’s.

Sr./Jr.High School: This building has been the hardest hit, and it is estimated to be 2 to 3 months before students and staff can return. The band room, music room, tech building, custodial office and cafeteria have flood damage. The auditorium is a complete loss, and is currently being dried out.  Both gymnasium floors will need to be replaced which can be done right away without abatement because there is no asbestos present. The boiler room was flooded, so temporary boilers will be needed. The electrical system has been severely damaged and will need to be repaired or replaced. A sinkhole has opened behind the new addition ruining an electrical transformer. The main section of the building and grades 6 and 7 wing were not damaged. Since all district communications and technology route through ERHS, all district phone lines and Internet are down until power is restored to that building.

Superintendent Dr. Roseanne Melucci, the administration and the Board of Education are looking for temporary housing for the Jr./Sr. High School students in a local district, and for space to temporarily house the district central offices.