East Rockaway, Bay Park residents still dealing with Hurricane Sandy fallout


Most East Rockaway residents are still without power and many families are dealing with flooding and sewage backup in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

There is a sinkhole at the corner of North Boulevard and Rhame Avenue, that is nearly 8-feet deep and 20-feet across. A truck ran over the sinkhole on Wednesday and broke the water main, leaving 50 homes without water.

According to a representative from American Water, the water main must first be shut off, then decontaminated and tested before it can be turned back on.

Around the village, garbage is building up and residents are putting ruined items on the curb, like beds, rugs and even musical instruments.

Around noon on Friday, an emergency truck with auxiliary police was driving around East Rockaway and Bay Park informing residents that those in walking distance to the Main Street Firehouse could pick up cases of water and non-perishable meal packets.