East Rockaway High School wishes — granted!

Legislators, fundraiser to come through for students


East Rockaway High School suffered significant damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy, and much of the damage has been repaired using insurance money, FEMA assistance and other sources.

In addition to the damages within the building, the outside instructional space was inundated by the tidal surge and damaging winds. The fence that runs alongside Mill River has been compromised, posing a safety hazard for the students. Unfortunately, FEMA will not be providing assistance to repair the destruction caused to the fields by the hurricane.

In effort to find other resources to restore the athletic Club Rock (the parent run group dedicated to funding athletic programs) reached out to various organizations  as well as to local government. To this end, Legislators Fran X. Becker and Howard J. Kopel agreed that the damage done to the perimeter fence jeopardized the safety of our students and were able to provide a  $65,000 grant to assist in repairing some of the damage.   

  The following items still need to be replaced as we move forward:

Lacrosse helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, arm guards, balls, goals, valued at $8,000

Hallway timeline depicting the history of student athletes on the wall into the large gymnasium, valued at $1,200

Trophy showcase in hallway by old gym, valued at $2,400

Banner on fence line along bleachers, valude at $3,500

Many East Rockaway and Lynbrook residents are familiar with The Patrick Xavier Memorial Foundation. This year, the Foundation has agreed to raise money for both ACDS (adults and children with Down Syndrome) and repair and replace the damage done to the athletic program at East Rockaway. Club Rock has joined forces with the Foundation to Honor all the athletes found on the Wall of Fame at East Rockaway on December 7. The day will begin at 10:30 a.m. with a 3-on-3 Co-ed Basketball Tournament. At 12:30 p.m., there will be a children’s Disney Character Party in the small gymnasium.

The day will conclude with a gala event at the Coral House at 7 p.m. celebrating the Wall of Fame athletes that includes dinner, drinks, comedy show, Blackjack Tournament, raffles and giveaways of sports tickets and gift baskets.

Tickets are on sale through East Rockaway’s Club Rock (also on Facebook), or visit www.ACDS.org or www.eastrockawayschools.org and click link to athletics and clink link to Patrick Xavier Owens Memorial Foundation and Wall of Fame Celebration.