Oil spews during delivery at sewage plant

Truck hose mishap to blame; did not reach water, says sewage officials


An oil truck making a delivery at the Bay Park Sewage Plant early Wednesday morning accidentally spilled about 166 gallons of fuel when a hose came loose as it was making a delivery inside the facility.

“We’re in the process of cleaning up the fuel with Speedy Dry,” said Sewage Treatment Plant Supervisor Eric Pietzak at the scene. “They’re soaking it up, then we’ll power wash it.” Pietzak said that the oil never reached the bay water, and no emergency services had to be called. He said that because of the incline, the oil did travel down the roadway.

Answering inquiries about the incident, County spokesman Mike Martino said that the situation is under control, and that some reports of the incident have been “blown out of proportion.”