RVC denies Village Car Service’s appeal

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The process was a long one: the initial appeal hearing in May was the first of two, to give trustees more time to hear comments from residents. At the end of the second hearing, in June, the board decided to postpone its decision. It did not publicly discuss it again until Monday night.

“At this time, we are reviewing the decision,” said David O’Neill, vice president and operations manager of Village Car Service. “After reviewing the materials with my legal team, we’ll decide what to do.”

The decision leaves All-Island Transportation as the sole taxi company within the village, as it has been for more than three decades.

At previous hearings, residents had come down on both sides of the issue. The decision leaves Rockville Centre as one of the only villages in the area with only one taxi company. “I was hoping for an approval,” O’Neill said, “and looking forward to the opportunity to provide transportation to the residents of Rockville Centre within the village.”

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