Thomas Reuters helps East Rockaway residents

… and here comes ‘Sandy Claus’


Thomson Reuters Corporation, headquartered at 3 Times Square in New York City, provides intelligent information for businesses and professionals worldwide. But now, they provide much more than that — the Wealth Management organization in Thomson Reuters has five employees that are residents of East Rockaway, including Gordon Fox.

“I brought to light the hardships that those in the southern part of East Rockaway are facing,” said Fox. “The group has ‘adopted’ East Rockaway and wants to help.

Money was raised last weekend, and an employee from Albany drove a truck load of supplies to East Rockaway. The truck held coats, blankets, cleaning supplies, diapers, baby food, heaters, backpacks, batteries and other items that were distributed to the Main Street firehouse (the batteries were for equipment), and to the The Church of the Nazarene. Whatever was left went to the relief center in Long Beach.

  Becky Hans, the employee from Albany, and her husband, Ted, spent Saturday gathering the articles and drove the four hours to make the delivery. In addition a shipment of batteries and clothes was sent from Reuter’s Brookfield Wisconsin office to assist in the effort, the company is continuing to collect donations to provide additional relief.

“We want to ensure that the essential items are  provided and not inundate the centers with too much of the same thing,” said Fox. “We are currently raising funds to donate to the East Rockaway Village Foundation and the East Rockaway Education Foundation so they use the monies as needed. We currently have $1,600 collected (as of press time), and Thomson Reuters will match each donation up to $1,000 per person.”

Fox said that Thomson Reuters Wealth would like to continue the effort, and they are discussing getting a project together with either the Village Foundation or The Church of the Nazarene to do something for the effected children in the neighborhood for Christmas. “One of our folks came up with the name for the project: ‘Sandy Claus’ — to give out toys, hats, gloves, books, scarfs, etc. for those that may not get much this coming holiday.”