Wins both at home and abroad

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The attacks in the already unstable Middle East forced major world players from both the East and West to offer their diplomatic opinions as the peace agreement was being ironed out. The problem, even with the cease-fire agreement, is that the instability in the region will continue. The balance of power has shifted. The death of Jabari could lead to the proliferation of some extremist groups.

President Obama has stood by Israel, one of our strongest allies, stating that Israel has the right to defend itself and that “no country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its people.”

Israel responded appropriately to the rocket attacks. Its demands that the attacks from Gaza end were understandable, and its aerial bombardment was more than justified. It seeks to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza and will invade if necessary. Both tactics demonstrated that Israel means business.

It is clear from these recent attacks that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has lost control to Hamas in Gaza, and I commend Clinton for stepping in when she did and attempting to gain the upper hand.

This is a key moment in her career. She traveled to the Middle East to place a “U.S. stamp of approval” on a cease-fire agreement.

Hamas should not be considered a legitimate governing body by the international community. Clinton had to do her best to re-empower Abbas, who has been Hamas’s rival for power in Gaza.

The situation has also thrown the newly elected Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, into the forefront, as Egypt plays a pivotal role in the peace negotiations.

Clinton and Obama have a chance to show other Arab nations that we can be trusted partners during the transition for these newly democratic nations. If the situation is handled correctly, the U.S. could have a hand in building democracy and forming long-term relationships with Islamic nations that once saw Western countries as enemies. At the same time, we can illustrate to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that we will stand strongly behind Israel.
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