Hota marches on


Girls from the Hota Soccer club marched in the German-American Stueben Parade on Sept. 18 in Manhattan. The team consists of players from Franklin Square, Floral Park, and Garden City.

Staged as the 7th division in the parade line, a little waiting on 58th street didn’t put a damper on the girl’s spirits. They used up the time to build camaraderie by sharing city pretzels, buying German flags, and stocking up on other fun trinkets from street vendors. “There’s a feeling of community among the girls,” HOTA Lightening Coach Greg Shevlin said. “It’s a great way to honor HOTA’s heritage and build solidarity.”

Once the girls started marching, their shouting of “HOTA” amplified and the onlookers enjoyed their enthusiasm. The highlight for the girls was being televised on WNEW. There were lots of funny faces, bright smiles, and HOTA mantras as they paraded past the cameras.

The girls marching ended at 86th Street and Madison in Germantown, where two of the girls’ parents ran into and chatted with Paul McCartney – not a famed German, but an amusing wrap to the day.

HOTA Bavarian Soccer Club is an international organization focused on developing, enhancing, and promoting the skills and abilities of talented young soccer players.