Sewanhaka welcomes Champ to district

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One of the challenges Champ is facing includes figuring out a way to try to standardize curriculum across the district. As a central high school district, Sewanhaka is in the unique position of drawing students from four different elementary school districts. Already in place, Champ said she plans to be very involved with the curriculum council that invites all four elementary school districts to take part in a discussion with central high school district administration. By discussing curriculum with the elementary districts, Champ said she will have a better sense of what students already know and how they learn when they enter the district in 7th grade.

By determining how students learn and putting a strong curriculum in place throughout the district, Champ said she believes students will continue to succeed in Sewanhaka. “We want to make sure all students are college and career ready and each of us is an important piece in that,” she said.

The start of the school year has been busy and hectic but Champ said she is looking forward to getting to know the staff and students. The district is a special place that Champ believes will continue to thrive and educate students well. “They feel valued,” Champ said of the staff. “They know the value of the work they’re doing”

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