Sewanhaka's top two are future engineers


Robert Myrick


GPA: 101.82

AP Courses: 8

College: Stony Brook University Honors College

Major: Mechanical engineering

Nicholas Phair


GPA: 102.27

AP Courses: 5

College: College of William and Mary

Major: Undecided

What is your best memory of senior year?

Myrick: Attending the Intel Internation Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.

Sullivan: Going to Disney world with the district marching band.

What career do you intend to pursue?

Myrick: Automotive engineer but not completely sure

Sullivan: Chemical or biomedical engineer

Who is your biggest role model?

Myrick: (did not answer)

Sullivan: Benjamin Franklin 

What are your extracurricular activities and clubs?

Myrick: Robotics Club president (attended world finals in St. Louis), Mathletes, Science National Honors Society president, Tri-M Music Honor Society president, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad president

Sullivan: S.P.I.C.E, Green Club, Mathletes, Robotics, Science National Honor Society, District Marching Band, Service Club

What, in your opinion, is the key to success?

Myrick: I think the key to success is to work hard but to not forget to have fun. Success doesn’t just mean getting into a good college or getting a good job, it means that you have to enjoy what you do and live a happy life.

Sullivan: Hard work, diligence and caffeine

What, in your opinion, is your biggest strength?

Myrick: I believe my biggest strength is my ability to balance between my friends, extracurricular activities, schoolwork, and hobbies. I love doing so many things and I think my ability to balance made high school so much more fun for me.

Sullivan: My biggest strength is my ability to find enjoyment in everything I study. If I am bored I will not be able to work well.

What is the biggest challenge you had to deal with en route to such a distinctive honor?

Myrick: My biggest challenge was trying to find this balance early on. But once I found it, it became easier.

Sullivan: Probably the balancing of my workload, extracurriculars and a social life in the 11th grade. Also Spanish class.

What was your reaction to finding out?

Myrick: I was very excited to have won such an amazing honor. I felt like all of my hard work had paid off.

Sullivan: There was always speculation on my part but generally it was a combination of happiness, excitement and nervous nausea.

What are your hobbies?

Myrick: Photography, hiking, fishing, working out, running.

Sullivan: I like to read, watch movies and TV, play video games, collect fountain pens and sleep. I know that fountain pen one is strange but they are exotic and cool to collect.

Do you have any siblings?

Myrick: I have an older brother and an older sister.

Sullivan: Nope I’m the one and only.

What volunteer work have you done?

Myrick: (did not answer)

Sullivan: Unfortunately no, I never consistently volunteered anywhere.