Soldiers welcomed home in aftermath of hurricane


When Hofstra University got the call on Nov. 2 asking if they had power following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, officials never expected what they would be asked next. The Long Island based Army Reserve Unit 310 of the Military Police was returning home on Nov. 3 after 12 months in Afghanistan but the army had no where to host their welcome home arrival.

Hofstra, which suffered minimal damage from the storm, was happy to host the unit’s return, Karla Schuster, assistant vice president for university relations, said. As the 85 members of the military police piled off buses outside Hofstra’s Physical Education Center, their family members anxiously awaited inside with signs welcoming their loved ones home.

The unit marched in and took formation as they listened to Lieutenant Andre Holder announce their arrival. “This is a special day,” he said. “Congratulations 310, welcome home.”

As the members of the unit heard “at ease” they rushed to scoop up children and kiss their spouses. Many of the families, who live across Long Island, were still without power from the hurricane. The army had food and water supplies for the family members to take home if needed.