Appraising relics and antiques in Franklin Square


Franklin Square had a special guest visit the library on July 28: Eddie Costello with his version of the PBS series, "Antiques Roadshow."

The show's premise is to travel across the U.S. and stop in various communities and invite those residents to bring in a treasured item, family heirloom or artifact, and have its value appraised.

Costello's visit consisted of a short session explaining what makes an item an antique, what makes an item valuable, and how the appraisal system works.

"I really liked an old photograph I saw," Costello said, of the items he evaluated during his visit. "I was also excited about a Japanese kimono that was brought in."

These antiques won't appear on television, but those who brought in their items now know what to look for in finding out the value of something they've held on to over the years.