Learning basketball at any age


Game 7 Basketball

3505 Hampton Road, Oceanside

(516) 632-5118


Game 7 has been specializing in basketball instruction since 1997. Recently, they have combined their winter Rookie Basketball League with Oceanside and Rockville Centre to include children from kindergarten to grade three. They now estimate that they work with over 600 players in Rookie programs throughout Floral Park, Rockville Centre, Oceanside, Long Beach, and Queens. Professionals at Game 7 Basketball have become known as experts in administering basketball leagues for children of this age group.

Basketball leagues for very young children are uncommon because they are very challenging to create. Children at that age have special requirements in order to safely have fun and be successful at the game. They cannot play on ten-foot hoops, and using a regular sized basketball would be too cumbersome. Game 7 Basketball has ways of modifying the game. Rules are changed in the program. The height of the hoops is lowered, and they allow players to use a smaller sized basketball. Whether it’s a girl or boy, the young child will have the ability to play a real game, without being intimidated about shooting the ball or making a move towards the basket.

Practice drills allow youngsters to learn the basketball fundamentals while also having fun in the learning process. The rookie program provides a structured and organized curriculum, and gives children and parents an opportunity to play the sport together. Children enjoy when their moms and/or dads get to be volunteer coaches. There are always Game 7 staff members on hand to assist with the instruction.

Game 7 also offers Boot Camp for athletes who are passionate about basketball. Boot Camp sessions are instructed by Marc Von Essen, the founder of Game 7; Jason Fraser, a former player at Villanova University; and Jonathan Edwards, who played at Division 1 Radford University. Boot Camps are offered for grades three through 12. Programs are designed for serious, intense athletes who want to take their game to the next level. Boot Camp training, however, is not for everyone, since it is extremely tough, both mentally and physically.

Anyone interested in placing a team (submitting a roster with the names of players) for the fall of 2013 can call Game 7 or email info@game7sports.com. Information about leagues, summer camp, sports birthday parties, and the staff (many of whom have quite impressive backgrounds) can be found on their web site: www.game7sports.com.