Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

March 28-April 3, 2013


Politics above people?

To the Editor:
As political signs began popping up all over East Rockaway, I thought we were having another contested election — but when it became clear that there were no other candidates, I figured, OK, they want a large turnout. Fine. That’s cool. In fact, I was excited that Theresa Gaffney was running because I think she’ll be a great asset to the board, and I’d like to thank her in advance for her public service. Its not easy job, but it is rewarding.
I was even OK with the robocall to remind me to vote; and then a call from a human — and then more robocalls. I was willing to let bygones be bygones and let the past stay in the past. I was going to vote.
But then they arrived, one by one — the nasty postcards slamming the previous administration for various terrible decisions and expenditures. It reminded me of why I was so angry in the past.  Since that so-called previous administration was comprised of current mayor Fran Lenahan and Deputy Mayor Bruno Romano, who just ran uncontested. Was it really necessary to reopen this old wound? The village and the residents are still recovering from a terrible ordeal, Hurricane Sandy, and we’re desperately trying to come together and be one cohesive community once more. Was it absolutely necessary to start flinging nasty lies again? 
An excerpt from one of the last mailings: “They even used tax dollars to pay for the college tuition of the former Deputy Mayor’s daughter!!” This was an accepted policy of the library board which had been approved and allowed for years, and no one in that previous administration ever voted against it.
It’s a damn shame that they found it necessary to bring up these issues again. What was their motivation? It really just served to remind us just how awful that other election was and how the village was torn apart. In the middle of healing and new tragedies, why on earth bring this up?
If this was supposed to encourage me to vote and if this was supposed to heal the community, it did a terrible job of it. I’m sorry for the person or people who thought this was a good idea and who clearly decided to put politics ahead of people.

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