Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor, Week of Feb. 28



can’t afford

the bond

To the Editor:

There is no question that our schools need many improvements. However, not all the residents of this community are in a position to keep paying excessive taxes. At the age of 81, I live on a fixed income. The “little increase” Dr. William Johnson refers to will cause many of us great stress.

I still must pay my mortgage every month and pay Rockville Centre taxes and the general tax when due. My school taxes, even with exemptions, take six months of my Social Security income. Does Dr. Johnson feel he should take a couple more months of it in the coming years?

How many seniors will be forced to leave this village due to taxes? How many young people will move away? Dr. Johnson has a lovely income; maybe he could take a salary reduction. Perhaps staff could be reduced!

I’ve paid school taxes for over 50 years. At present, I’m supporting two adults who are unemployed and unable to find a job in spite of sending out endless resumes, and a 16-year-old grandson. Repairs on my home and replacement of aging appliances and furniture are out of the question.

I’m sure there are many others in this community with the same problems. I dare to speak for them. Please do not add to the burden we already carry, Dr. Johnson.

Elanore Graepel

Rockville Centre

Good thinking on firewood

To the Editor:

I applaud this village administration’s program to give away firewood cut from the abundance of downed trees. That kind of creative thinking makes our community better prepared for extended electrical outages.

In one recent weather incident, a few days of firewood in the garage made a difference when we had no heat or electricity.

A radio and a lit fireplace made my 99-year-old father remark that it reminded him of his youth sitting by the fire listening to the crystal set!

Franklin Rothenberg

Rockville Centre