Letters to the Editor

Lynbrook/East Rockaway, June 19-25, 2014


LWV agrees with Herald editorial

To the Editor:

Your May 29-June 4 editorial “One primary is better than two,” in favor of having a single June primary, is spot on! The League of Women Voters of New York State believes it imperative that the Legislature act to establish a single June primary. This move would both eliminate the unnecessary costs of multiple primary elections and maximize voter participation.

  The cost to the counties of New York state is approximately $50 million to hold a separate primary for congressional races in order to comply with the MOVE Act.

The League believes that a single primary is the best way to ensure that voter turnout does not suffer and that our military men and women are not disenfranchised.

A September primary makes it almost impossible for boards of elections to provide military and overseas voters their right to vote on a timely basis. This is unacceptable. Overseas personnel should not be disenfranchised, and New Yorkers do not need the added costs and confusion of an unnecessary third primary date.

An accessible voting process that makes it easier for all citizens to exercise their right to vote is crucial to a vibrant democracy. Though being widely recognized as one of the most progressive states in the nation, New York is lamentably behind most of the country when it comes to making it easier and more convenient for its residents to vote. This must change.

Reforms such as early voting and a single June primary can help make that change. It is incumbent on the Legislature to do all in its power to increase participation, reduce barriers to voting, and further improve the voting experience for all voters of New York. This would be a significant step in the right direction.

Nancy Rosenthal
Jane Thomas      
League of Women Voters co-presidents


Blood donations are needed

To the Editor:

The New York Blood Center is asking for assistance over the summer to maintain the necessary supply of all blood types, but specifically O-negative.

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