The calm after the storm in Island Park


After the winter storm on Jan. 4 and the, sub-zero wind chill temperatures that followed, pedestrians and cars in Island Park were hard to come by. The blizzard deposited over a foot of snow that the high winds blew into drifts as high as two-and-a-half feet. In the days that followed, residents and village employees were out in the cold, clearing the snow from the roads and sidewalks.

Schools and school activities were closed in Island Park and Oceanside on both Thursday, the day of the storm, and the next day, including Oceanside High School’s Friday production of “Alice in Wonderland,” and the Island Park Teen Idol singing competition. “Alice” ran on Saturday and Sunday instead, and Teen Idol was rescheduled for March 2, with the finale taking place on March 9.

Much of the snow is likely to melt over the week as temperatures climb to an expected high of 50 degrees on Friday.