LBMC needs $30 million fix

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A mobile primary care unit, which was launched Dec. 5, remains in place opposite the hospital’s main entrance, and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The family care center was set to reopen at the end of the week, at 761 Franklin Blvd. That facility was set up principally for underinsured or uninsured families, but does provide walk-in primary care as well, Player said.

Because many private physicians have not been able to reopen their own practices yet, the LBMC faculty practice, which provides family and internal medicine, has reopened, at 206 W. Park Ave. The next focus is on finding a temporary location for the hospital’s mental health clinic, so behavioral health services, such as mental health and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, can be made available again.

“People are overwhelmed from everything that is happening,” said Player. “The community really needs these mental health services.”

To make a contribution to the LBMC disaster relief fund, visit the hospital’s website,

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