School officials update post-Sandy building repairs

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West was one of the hardest hit buildings in the district, and, consequently, will take the longest to repair. It took on three to four feet of water in the first floor of the building. The whole first floor needed to be gutted, and all systems that were housed on the first floor and subsequently damaged, will need to be ripped out and replaced. The building was originally expected to reopen in March, but now the district says it will remain closed until September. The entire first floor needs to be reconstructed, but the floors above that were unaffected. They will have to restore bathrooms and plumbing fixtures, replace the gym floor, bleachers and wall padding, install new mechanical systems, and construct a new second floor boiler room, as a mitigation effort.

Estimated repairs costs: $7.2 million

Long Beach High School:

The high school building only took on water in the gym and the locker room. It reopened to students two weeks after the storm, and in the immediate aftermath it was home to both high school and middle school students until the middle school was able to reopen. New mechanical systems were installed and elevated to prevent future flooding, some windows were replaced, and some interior finish work was needed. Work began on the gym floor replacement a few weeks ago, and is expected to wrap-up by June.

Estimated repair costs: $5.9 million

Lido Complex (middle and elementary schools):

The Lido Complex suffered significant flooding in the storm, and will be the most costly building to repair. The building reopened to sixth and seventh graders on Dec. 3. But even then, much of the building was cordoned off and undergoing cleaning and repairs. At this point, all of the storm-related clean up is done, and students are back in their original classrooms. Many classrooms and offices, including the new middle school library and the elementary art room, were replaced due to flooding damage. Furniture and equipment were replaced, new mechanical systems were installed and elevated, and the both gym floors were replaced.

Estimated repair costs: $13.1 million

Lindell Elementary:

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