Worker rescued after high-rise scaffolding collapses


A piece of scaffolding broke on the top of Sherwood House on Thursday, an apartment complex located at 410 East Broadway, leaving a worker dangling by his safety harness.

The worker — who was not identified — was laying bricks to reface the building on the top floor at around 2:10 p.m. when the scaffolding on the west side broke unexpectedly and left him hanging, Lt. Mark Stark said.

The Long Beach Police Department, Long Beach Fire Department and the Building Department responded to the scene and the LBFD determined that the man was not injured.

The cause of the scaffolding collapse is unknown at the moment, Stark said, adding that it’s currently under investigation. No one inside the apartment building was affected.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials will come to the worksite and inspect the scene for safety purposes, Stark said.

“Any time an employee is put in danger on a worksite, OSHA responds,” he said. “Right now, the Fire Department is trying to take down the dangling scaffolding and clear the area for the rest of the possible falling bricks.”

Stark said East Broadway is now open after being partially closed for about two hours and the building area is safe and open for regular operations.