Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

Feb. 28-March 6, 2013


Promises made, promises kept

To the Editor:

I call it as I see it — that’s why I’m glad to say I support Mayor Fran Lenahan and his administration because of their outstanding work moving East Rockaway forward.

When Newsday wrote about our village receiving two actual tax cuts, I knew we had a mayor in Village Hall who kept his promises, and that’s been the theme of his administration’s term of office: promises made, promises kept. It’s rare in politics, but Fran and his team deserve the accolades.

Lenahan pledged to expand village recreation; he did it. He said he’d cut taxes — another accomplishment. He and his running mates said more attention needed to be paid to our roadways and infrastructure, and not only was that done, but village DPW crews now have the ability to pave and repave roadways themselves, eliminating hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts given for the same work.

Our village is on a great direction. We’ve had an excellent captain in Lenahan leading the way and East Rockaway is lucky to keep him at the helm. The mayor and the Village Foundation are off to a running start with Sandy relief. I’m sure they won’t rest until every family and senior needing assistance receives it. It’s the type of responsible government that Lenahan and his team have brought to Village Hall.

Gary Aue

East Rockaway

East Rockaway

Re-elect Siegel as village justice

To the Editor:

Our neighbor and friend Steve Siegel is seeking re-election to Village Court. His experience, judicial temperament and commitment to enforcing the law in East Rockaway make him the most qualified to continue his job.

  I have never known someone more committed to making our village a better place. A practicing attorney himself, Judge Siegel is fair and even-handed in court. He graduated from Hofstra Law and attended Oxford University in England after attending SUNY Albany. Early in his career, as an assistant district attorney in Queens, he tried numerous murder cases. His unique, personable style makes everyone appearing in front of him at ease, ready to work together.  He even meets with our neighbors in his office to answer questions and talk. How many judges have you ever heard of doing that?

  It’s this firm and still easy-going temperament that has earned him re-election. As part of Mayor Fran Lenahan’s team, Judge Siegel will continue to work toward a better village.

Rich Bilello

East Rockaway

East Rockaway