Lynbrook Fire Department headquarters to be named after late Chief James McDermott


The headquarters for the Lynbrook Fire Department will soon be renamed in honor of former longtime Chief James McDermott, who died in August at age 55. Mayor Bill Hendrick announced the news at the Feb. 21 village board meeting.

“He was really a great guy and everybody knew about him,” Hendrick said. “He was a great chief for the community.”

Hendrick said it would take some time before the sign on the building reflects the name change. The LFD headquarters is located at 81 Wright Ave.

McDermott, who was born in Oceanside, joined Rescue Hook, Ladder & Bucket Company No. 1 of the Lynbrook Fire Department in 1980 and was elected captain of the Truck Company in 1989. He served as a trustee of the company from 1992 until 2016.

McDermott served as chief of the department for the first time in 2002 and then again in 2012. He was the only person to ever be elected to serve a second term as chief in the 116-year history of the Lynbrook Fire Department.

“Everybody respected him,” Hendrick said.

Mary Malloy contributed to this story.