Lynbrook resident Donald Schimenti dies


Donald M. Schimenti of Lynbrook died on Nov. 24. He was 71.

Schimenti attended Valley Stream North High School and was in the U. S. Army Reserves. In the 1960s, he started in the construction business, working with his father, Michael, an architect.

In 1962 he met Anne Franzese at Page 2 nightclub, when they were both 21. They married the next year, and moved to Lynbrook in 1966.

In 1971, Schimenti founded AMD Construction Corporation — which is an abbreviation of his older childrens’ first initials.

The family’s regular Disney vacations began in 1982, a traditional that continues to this day. Some trips involved a “party of eleven” and even grew on one trip to over 30 family and friends to celebrate the millennium. These trips lead to his extensive collection of Disney memorabilia.

“His generosity touched many people,” said Schimenti’s daughter, Catherine. “At times a man of few words, but when his sense of humor kicked in, he always had something clever to add to a conversation.”

Christmas parties were a tradition at the Schimenti home, filled with a rotating door of family, friends and their children’s friends of all ages. Hosting family gatherings had a special place in his heart, with year-round gatherings overflowing with fabulous food and drinks.

Schimenti had a great taste for life and a great hunger and thirst for all the fine foods New York had to offer. He would drive an hour for a pizza or even a bialey if it was “the best.” Many of his daily tasks happen to coincide with a meal.

Schimenti’s dedication and work ethic set a great example for his children and their careers and futures. Many of his sons friends worked for AMD during the summers, and many are, to this day, still involved with the company. His son, Matthew took over the business, and is now the third-generation to do so, continuing his father and grandfather’s legacy with Schimenti Construction.

Schimenti’s retirement, after many successfully decades of business, started a new love for golf which he enjoyed weekly with Anne, and their friends.

Don and Ann were married for 49 years. They raised five children: Matthew (Heather); Donna (Robert); Andrew (Silviya); Elizabeth (Edwin IV); and Catherine (Matt Accarrino.) They have eight grandchildren: Matthew, Victoria, James, Edwin V, Chloe, Donovan, Cameron, and Elizabeth.