Another 7-Eleven coming to Merrick?


The South Merrick Community Civic Association is planning a special meeting on Tuesday, April 29, at 7 p.m. at the Merrick Road Park golf clubhouse to discuss the possibility of a 7-Eleven moving into an abandoned gas station at Babylon Turnpike and Merrick Road.

The property, just north of Levy-Lakeside Elementary School, has long been empty, and the structure’s asphalt-shingled roof has collapsed in a number of places. A crew recently removed underground gasoline tanks from the site but did no other work. A chain-link fence surrounds the property.

At press time, the SMCCA’s report about a 7-Eleven moving in could not be confirmed.

In a letter, SMCCA President Joe Baker wrote, “The owner of the property located at the corner of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike is considering selling the property to be used for another 7-Eleven store. Many feel that this would create a dangerous situation with kids crossing on their bikes and teens trying to buy beer to consume on school grounds. I therefore have scheduled an open civic meeting for residents to have an opportunity to be heard.”

In addition, Baker said, a Sunrise Highway nightclub has applied to the Town of Hempstead for a cabaret license in Merrick. That application will also be discussed at the April 29 meeting, he said.