Hewlett Happenings

Creating a legacy of helping others


With limited free time to begin with, one would expect teens to use it hanging out with friends or surfing the Internet. However, Hewlett High School juniors Hannah Burkhart and Adam Farber are using their leisure time wisely and have made it their mission to go out of their way to give back to the community and help others in need.

The pair created Two Thumbs Up, which has students and faculty donating their old winter gear, from mittens to winter coats to hats. Originally set up only for the collection of gloves and mittens, it proved so successful that Burkhart and Farber expanded the collection to all winter garments.

They set up several donation boxes throughout the school district. The items collected will be given to local organizations to help provide those in need with the accessories to get through the cold winter.

“Hannah and I decided to start the organization because we both felt that it would be a good way for the community to donate items that were in need at various local shelters. The organization is a great way for people to help the locals who are in need of gloves and winter garments,” Farber said.

More than 100 gloves and other winter items have been collected so far. At this rate, Adam and Hannah expect many more items to be donated throughout the remainder of this month and December.

When asked what inspired them to create the fundraiser, Farber said, “We started Two Thumbs Up because we thought it would be a great way to help those in need in our community with the cold winter approaching. Hannah and I realized that there are a lot of people who can’t afford to buy the necessary items for the cold weather. We decided we should support them and donate as much as we could.”

Burkhart and Farber’s ultimate goal is that their charity has a legacy that lasts far longer than their time at Hewlett High School. “I hope that this organization will follow through in later years, especially after we graduate in June of 2015,” Burkhart said.

The pair’s generosity and kindness reach beyond the compulsory 30 hours of community service for recognition at graduation. Motivated by their passion for helping others, they demonstrate kindness, determination, and dedication toward making sure those less fortunate can stay safe and warm through the long and cold winter season. There’s no doubt that these two high school students will surely touch many lives and leave an everlasting “fingerprint” on people’s hearts with their Two Thumps Up.