Moe’s fundraisers for Oceanside little league


A well-known local restaurant will host a March 9 fundraiser for the Oceanside little league, which took a large hit from Hurricane Sandy, league officials say.

While the impact of the storm can still be seen on Oceanside streetsm, some effects are not as evident, but are still very much worthy of attention, league officials say.

Oceanside Little Leagues suffered a serious blow when Sandy wreaked havoc on the ball fields, washed away the equipment sheds and affected the families of so many children who may not be able to participate this season due the serious financial hardship these families are facing. In the opinion of the organizers and administrators of Little League, it is vital that the season go on as planned. The families of Oceanside need a return to normalcy, and the children in particular need something to look forward to in the spring.

“Little League brings our community together, and despite the obstacles and challenges, Oceanside Little Leagues are determined to play ball and help lift the spirits of our community through its programs,” a league official said in a prepared statement. “We have appealed to businesses for help in raising much needed funds, and in the spirit of goodwill, and with great enthusiasm, Moe’s Southwest Grill of Oceanside is proclaiming Saturday, March 9, as “Oceanside Little League Day.”

Moe’s will be donating a portion of all net sales for the entire day to our organization, as well as distributing coupons to patrons for future discounts. Moreover, they will be providing Little League with additional fundraising opportunities at their Lincoln Shopping Center location throughout the day. Moe’s aim is to bring fresh and delicious southwest food to the island and to create a company that knows the importance of positive community involvement.