Town honors two locals at Pathfinder Awards

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A young Spanish-speaking Jo-Ann Delgado of Oceanside stepped in to raise a large family of siblings after her mother’s untimely death. She took her unexpected matriarchal role seriously, enrolling in night school courses to develop and improve her English language skills. A motorcycle riding Jo-Ann has steered multiple community endeavors, as a past Lieutenant Governor for New York District Kiwanis, and as an active volunteer for various charitable organizations including Toys for Tots and Children of Hope. She also kicks the popular “Bikers for Babies” into gear every year, to help promote and support the health of babies. Jo-Ann also teaches a driver’s safety courses for fellow employees and their families. She is always willing to get in the driver’s seat for a friend, colleague or even strangers. In fact, she even makes herself available to drive intoxicated people home safe to avert potential danger. Starting as a receptionist for the Town of Hempstead in 1985, she worked her way up to the title of Parks Supervisor. Jo-Ann is also an advocate for her fellow employees as a Vice President of the CSEA Local 880, which serves and represents thousands of town employees.

“All of our honorees are strong women,” concluded Murray. “While they may have ‘hearts of gold’ or be gentle in manner, our ladies have fought, persevered and prevailed.”

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