Four candidates, two seats

Trustee candidates answer more questions


Elections in Rockville Centre are less than a week away. In this year’s election, there are four people running for two seats on the village Board of Trustees.

Incumbent Edward Oppenheimer is running on the Concerned Citizens Party ticket. Incumbent Kevin Glynn and challenger Emilio Grillo are running together on the Common Sense Party. And challenger Marc Wieman is running on the Rockville Centre Forward Party.

Rockville Centre residents will have the opportunity to vote for the two candidates that they believe are best-suited for the job on June 18. Voting will take place at the Recreation Center from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

1. What can you do to bring more businesses to the village? Are there incentives that the village can offer?

Edward Oppenheimer: The look and the cleanliness of the downtown as well as parking availability will go a long way to bring more business to the village. Greater parking would allow more shoppers to come to the downtown during the day making the downtown a draw for the retail industry. Additionally, we can attract more business to the village by promotion in various real estate and business publications. The village may want to consider discounting some annual license fees and or building permit fees for new businesses or businesses in certain locations to spur private investment in the village.

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