Maple Pointe sued for $20 million

Former employees filed for harassment


In late February, two former employees of the Maple Pointe of Rockville Centre Assisted Living home filed a $20 million alleging they were harassed and discriminated against over the course of two years to the point where they had to resign due to stress.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Queens Supreme Court on Feb. 26, Ulin Ellis and Cyntiah Bryan worked for Maple Pointe for more than eight years. The trouble began, the suit alleges, when new staff was hired.

“Maple Point allowed Audrey Fullman, Tammy Marshall [and] Lou-Ann Dinolos to totally dominate, bully and discriminate to the breaking point,” the suit reads, “and management made no attempts to remedy any and all complaints.”

The suit alleges that the two women, both of whom are more than 55 years old, suffered health problems due to the harassment. In March, 2012, the suit says, Ellis became ill and had to start going to a doctor. A month later, Bryan collapsed “due to extreme harassment from administrative staff.”

Ellis and Bryan are seeking $20,000,000 for medical treatment and damages “for the treatment, unlawful practices, discrimination, ageism and the embarrassment at the facility…”

“It has no backing,” said Tammy Marshall, the executive director from Maple Pointe. “It’s completely unfounded. They’re disgruntled employees.”

Ellis and Bryan could not be reached for comment.