Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor

Feb. 9-15, 2017


Leave Melania alone!

To the Editor:

Re Randi Kreiss’s column “On the road: Slovenia to the White House” (Jan. 26-Feb. 1): Ms. Kreiss stooped to an all-time low when writing about our first lady, Melania Trump. Her lack of class showed when she mentioned Melania’s nude modeling career, yet she speaks six languages.  

Let me guess, Randi’s a feminist?  I always find it humorous how feminist women claim to support other women, yet they are the first ones to ridicule other successful women.  

I think it bothers Ms. Kreiss that Melania is bringing back class and sophistication to the White House. She will find her way. If this country wasn’t in such dire straits because of the last administration, then maybe Melania could focus on doing Pilates and reading magazines, but I can’t believe that’s what her true passions and aspirations are!

Kathleen Russo

Rockville Centre