Phony gas worker allegedly steals thousands from store


An unknown man dressed like a gas company worker entered a Rockville Centre bridal shop on Feb. 14 and stole $7,500, according to police.

The alleged larceny was reported on the morning of Feb. 25 by a New Hyde Park resident, according to a crime report released by the Rockville Centre Police Department. The reporter of the incident said that the alleged criminal pretended to work for a gas company in order to gain access to the wedding store, May Bliss, at 270 Merrick Road.

Charles Gennario, commissioner of the Rockville Centre Police Department, told the Herald that the suspect was allowed into the basement of May Bliss without supervision. He said this kind of crime, albeit unusual, is similar to someone leaving their computer or purse in an unlocked car. “These things happen,” Gennario said.

Gennario offered some advice to the community: “Keep your valuables locked up, whether you’re a homeowner or you own a business.”

The owner of May Bliss did not wish to comment on the incident.