Belmont development meeting gets heated

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Smith, who agrees that her husband used inappropriate epithets, said she is more concerned about Elmont residents giving their town a bad name. “I’m not giving anyone anything preferential,” she said. “It doesn’t make Elmont look good. If you’re looking for economic development, we don’t need badmouthing of elected officials. It’s not helpful to anything at all.”

At the March 16 rally, Elmont Coalition Council President Joyce Stowe, who was also at the March 11 ECSD meeting, said she watched in disbelief as Smith attacked Achille, and that the community will not stand for such behavior.

“For it to have happened in the library — public space — is intolerable,” Stowe said. “I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again. We are allowed to express our differences, and we should respect other peoples’ differences also. We are a united community. We should try to curb our anger.”

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