Collected words of wisdom for the new year

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 “The two great commandments are to love God and to love people. It would be great if everyone resolved to obey these commands of Jesus.”
The Rev. John Yenchko, pastor, North Shore Community Church, Oyster Bay

“People need to refocus themselves on family. They need to pull together to bring the family unit back together again, including family dinners and visiting grandparents on Sunday. Our children need more role models from the extended family. And we need to work hard to reduce our children’s focus on violence. They are being desensitized to violence, injury and death.”
Michael Montesano, state assemblyman, Glen Head

“We should resolve to work with nature, ride with the tide, go with the flow, flood our homes once again with joy and warmth and be as strong and adaptable as the people of Venice, whose homes, spirits and confidence keep them afloat.”
Monte Leeper, Ask the Architect

“Plant a tree to replace what Hurricane Sandy blew down.”
Cheryl Spencer, Valley Stream
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