La Viola in Cedarhurst closed on Aug. 14

Viola seeks to open another restaurant


Lino Viola announced in a letter to his longtime customers that after 35 years he is closing La Viola restaurant on Chestnut Street in Cedarhurst.

However, the restaurateur said he is planning to open a completely new and different eatery.

Earlier this year, Viola’s wife, Elsa, died.

Here is the letter that sent out.

The Herald will have a more comprehensive story on the closing and Viola’s future plans this coming week.

Dear Customers & Friends

Back in June of 1977 Elsa and I opened a fine Continental restaurant at 571 Chestnut Street in Cedarhurst.

After a few years, our fine Italian food began to be so recognized that we changed the menu to offer only fine Italian food.

In 1990 we had the misfortune of having a fire that consumed the entire restaurant. While our location was being repaired and renovated we relocated

into temporary quarters in the empty Al Steiner’s restaurant located across from the Cedarhurst train station.

The reaction of our wonderful customers, and the town of Cedarhurst to our temporary relocation

was so favorable that my wife and I decided to make our temporary location permanent.

Thanks to all of you, La Viola has remained at this site for thirty five years.

I love people. Most of all, I love to please my guests, and as a restauranteur I certainly have had the opportunity of doing just that.

We have seen many generations grow up, while parents matured and moved away.

La Viola had a wonderful run lasting thirty five years, but unfortunately the restaurant will be closing.

Elsa and I raised 3 wonderful children in beautiful Cedarhurst. We always loved this town and its beautiful surroundings most especially the beautiful park across from the restaurant.

I have been fortunate to have spent the last thirty five years doing what I love doing most. This will not be the end of my restaurant passion.

I will be looking to open another restaurant soon. The new location is still being planned, but you all will certainly be amongst the first to know.

Thank you for being such good customers and friends.

I will miss all of you.....

Thanks again.