To the Editor:

A117.1. Do you know what this code stands for? In September of 2000 Zefy Christopoulos knew exactly what A117.1 was. As a reporter for the Glen Cove Record Pilot she was assigned to cover the story of a Sea Cliff resident who was denied access to Sea Cliff Village Board meetings, due to their inaccessible location in the basement of Village Hall. Christopoulos knew that A117.1 was then a 30-year standard created by the American National Standards Institute for “Making Buildings and Facilities Accessible to the Handicapped.” To quote her in the Sept. 7, 2000 issue of the Glen Cove Record Pilot, “Through the years when accessibility was not federally mandated for public buildings, architects and civil engineers have used A117.1 in the design and construction of such facilities.”

I am that Sea Cliff resident and I know that Christopoulos’ accuracy in investigating and reporting the story lead to a positive outcome — the attainment of a grant to install an elevator in Sea Cliff Village Hall providing access to meetings and events held there.

My husband, Michael Zangari and I are now homeowners in Glen Cove and have remained in close contact with Zefy. She is a person who is true to her word, has deep ethics and is honest and dedicated to all tasks given to her. We know that if we need information, either on the local or county level, she is our go-to person.

The qualities that she possesses are what the citizens of the 11th Legislative District in Nassau County deserve in their legislator. She looks at the big picture, is open-minded and is as smart as they come. She has had her own life struggles, like so many of us, but has risen above them, and continues to put other people first and gets the facts straight! She is an inspiration to so many people and we are proud to call her our mentor. She doesn’t need to work “harder.” She always has worked hard and she will work for all constituents in Nassau County’s 11th Legislative District.

I urge you to vote for Zefy Christopoulos for Nassau County Legislator in the 11th Legislative District on Tuesday.

Janice Zangari

Glen Cove