Bringing in the harvest at Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church


Locals said they had plenty of fun at the first-ever harvest fair, hosted by Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church on Oct. 28. 

The Pixie Nursery School and parishioners spearheaded the event. The school takes in children from ages 3 to 5.

Congregants and fair coordinators set up stations at the church to sell different items ranging from Christmas ornaments and crafts to small trinkets. With as many as 100 people in attendance, guests enjoyed the sunshine and sampled treats such as donuts and hot chocolate. 

The parish on Wantagh Avenue — which was built in the community in 1888 — has a longstanding history of helping those in need. Proceeds from the fair will be donated to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

The festival also featured a bounce house for children, vendors and a DJ. Coordinators raffled off baskets containing gift certificates and other contributions donated from various businesses in the area. Many of the Christmas and Halloween crafts that were for sale were handmade by children in the nursery school.